Season 5:  Race #14 -- The Glen

Bill's Report:   Well, the Glen was an interesting end to a l-o-n-g season, spanning 14 races in eight months. Nobody can say that they didn't have enough time to practice for the races!

Qualifying was a bit of a surprise for me when one of my better Glen laps (1:09.57) showed me on the pole with just 3 minutes left. Great! So I went out with race fuel load for a bit. Obviously John and Rich held off 'til the end of Q for their serious runs, and when I came in a few minutes later I had been relegated to third on the grid. Ah yes, the real world-----.

On the grid it was apparent that John was missing from the pole position, and I assumed that the merciless disco demon had struck for yet another time. Only at race end did I find out that John had given us all a head start and started from the pit lane, an absolutely bizarre last item in John's incredible streak of BAD! for this season.

I had one of my better races, with no major errors. And the first half of the race I was able to stay within audible range of Rich. In the last half, Rich, with fast consistent lapping, slowly eased away to the final 3+ second margin at the finish.

Looking at the replay, it could well have been John's race, as he had the race's fast lap for all but two of the 33 laps. And the last five or so laps were hotly contested, with John chasing down Tom. Tom was just about matching John's pursuit for several laps, and might well have held him off 'til the end. Only getting a bit sideways on the last turn in the penultimate lap enabled the opening for John's passing. Good show guys!!

And so the season ends, with the "rookie" Rich Korman the overwhelming Season Champ. Congratulations Rich!!! A champ has to- Consistently show up Come prepared Have good HW, SW, and ISP Run fast, consistent laps And this season, Rich has shown the highest level of all these.

Well done!!