Series Format

OFFRS is starting a 5th season this August. In earlier seasons we have worked on establishing a Tuesday evening race series setup with some of the folks we enjoyed racing with, both on-line and in real life. With four seasons under our belts, we've worked though some teething pains and identified several tracks that tend to provide good racing. We generally strive for fun races with close competition, heads up driving, and a good group of racers. Our goal for the fifth season is basically --more of the same. Plus we're continuing to try to expand a bit and attract approximately 12 or so regular racers that share our enthusiasm and are fun to race with and against. I'll continue to administer the points, results, etc. and thanks to Arturo, we'll plan to continue hosting races on the SMI server. The rules are basically the same as last season with an option on Shift-R where you can either take a stop & go penalty in the pits or lose one point.

Tracks can be found here Track Database

1). Best 12 of 14 races count for season points
2). Points 1st=9 2nd=6 3rd=4 4th=3 5th=2 6th=1
3). 1 point for Pole, 1 point for fastest race lap
4). Shift-R = Lose 1 point or stop/go in the pits within 2 laps of the Shift-R. Driver's choice. If on the last lap, pull off the racing surface for a period of time equal to the time it would take to do a stop and go by going through the pits (use your best judgment).
5). If more than 50% of the field discos during the race, it will not count for points. Race will be rescheduled.
6). Racer must complete at least one race lap to get points for the event. If there is a lower turnout than places points are awarded.
7). All races will use the intermediate damage model (including planned GP length races)
8). Most importantly -- Have fun.

7:45pm meet in MARRS chat room via VROC
8:00pm start 30 minute qualifying session
8:30pm begin intermediate long race